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Plant Parasitic Nematodes

Classifications and Descriptions

This page contains classifications of nematodes based on hosts, life habits, taxonomy and region.

Plant Parasites
197 Genera, 4300 species of phytoparasites
Obligate parasites (cannot culture axenically, but can culture monoxenically)

Evolutionary Adaptations:
Plant Parasitic Nematodes have protrusible, hollow stylet, and morphological and physiological changes to the esophagus. All plant parasitic nematodes have a protrusible, hollow stylet, BUT not all stylet bearing nematodes are plant parasites!

Most Damaging Plant Parasitic Nematodes
Meloidogyne; Root-knot nematodes
Pratylenchus lesion nematode
Heterodera cyst nematode
Globodera cyst nematode
Ditylenchus stem and bulb nematode
Tylenchulus citrus nematode
Xiphinema dagger nematode
Radopholus burrowing nematode
Rotylenchulus reniform nematode
Helicotylenchus spiral nematode
Belonolaimus sting nematode

Plant Parasitic Nematodes: Feeding Habits
1. Root Parasites
Ectoparasites (feed from root exterior)
Endoparasites (live/feed inside host)
2. Shoot Parasites