K-12 Outreach Education

Jasmin Huang, a junior high school student at the William G. Enloe High School, spent two months of her Summer 2010 vacation in our laboratory to learn genetic transformation and screening of transgenic plants of Artemisia annua. This plant produces artemisinin, the most effective antimalarial drug known. After she completed her training and classes started again, on Aug. 20, 2010, she did a terrific job reporting her research results to her teacher and her schoolmates. Her seminar title was “Genetic Screening for Transgenic Artemisia annua Anti-malarial Plants”.

Jasmin Huang presents Jasimin presents

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Dr. Deyu Xie, Jasmin Huang

Our Visitors from Elementary School
Elementary school visitors Elementary school visitors 2

Eileen Hu and Anna Hu are from West Windsor, NJ. Eileen is studying at the Thomas Grover Middle School and Anna is studying at the Village School. These two budding botanists visited our laboratory and phytotron on Aug. 6, 2010 during their summer vacation. They were very interested the growth of Arabidopsis plants in growth chambers and red cell cultures producing anthocyanins on agar medium contained in petri dishes.

Meredith Fann was an 11th grade Student in the South Caldwell High School, North Carolina. Ji‐Ho Ha was a junior student in the Gould Academy, North Carolina. Both of them were performing experiments to understand plant pigmentation. They found our department and our laboratory through web search. Check out our email exchanges here showing that high school students are interested in plant pigmentation and plant biology.