Winter-Sederoff Home Department of Plant Biology:

NC Space Grant
Dr. Heike Winter Sederoff
Assistant Professor

Dr. Christopher S. Brown
Research Professor

Research Associates:
Dr. Sandeep Kumar

Dr. Amanda Davis

Graduate Students:

Luyan He. M.S.
Jyoti Kajla, M.S.
Laleh Shamey, B.S.

Undergraduate Students:

Jennifer Huang
Catherine Hammond

Plants sense their environment and respond to changes by expressing specific genes that enable them to adjust and survive. Gravity, light, and mechanical stimuli are important cues for plants to direct their growth and orient their roots into the soil and their shoots towards the light. We are interested in the molecular mechanism of how the root senses gravity and how the specific transcriptional and translational changes are regulated and integrated. And how will plants cope under extraterrestrial conditions on the International Space Station or in Mars or Moon greenhouses?

"Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for Thou art crunch and taste good with ketchup"


















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