For four years, our laboratory has hosted students from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) as part of the Creating Awareness of Agriculture and Life Sciences Disciplines, Degree Programs and Discoveries (CAALS 3-D Project).

Our program entitled “Studies of Plant Cellular Organelles” introduces basic concepts in organelle biogenesis, the uses of protein reporters and analysis of genetic mutants for biotechnology. Students expose plants to chemical inhbitors, visualize protein reporters under fluorescence microscopes and genotype segregating populations by PCR. At the end of the program, the students give a short talk about their experience in front of other CAALS-3D students and NCSSM faculty.

Our lab also hosts visits from 7th grade students from River Oaks Middle School every year.


Outreach Research  

Our lab is very active in outreach activities. We have hosted several high-school and middle-school students for research experiences or visits. See more

Research in our lab is focused on targeting mechanisms for tonoplast proteins in Arabidopsis. We use chemical and classical genetic approaches to understand trafficking mechanisms and vacuole biogenesis.
ROJAS-PIERCE LABORATORY- North Carolina State University.