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Dr. Niki Robertson
Dr.Dominique "Niki" Robertson
Genetics of plant virus-mediated RNA

362 B Partners III.
Centennial Campus

BOx 7612

Office: (919) 515-6319
Fax: (919) 515-3436


Research Interests:
My lab has active areas of research in virus-induced gene silencing, geminivirus-host interactions, and in abiotic stress. Long-term goals are to understand how geminiviruses, which are DNA viruses that transcribe their genes in plant nuclei, interact with plant gene silencing pathways, and to be able to harness these viruses for use in the functional genomics of crop plants. A second long-term goal is to understand how modulation of intracellular levels of calcium in the endoplasmic reticulum affects root growth and stress tolerance.

Selected Publications:
Tuttle,, J.R., Idris,, A.M., Brown, J. K., Haigler, C.H., and Robertson, D. (submitted) Disarming Cotton leaf crumple virus for virus induced gene silencing in Gossypium hirsutum. Plant Physiol.

Jordan, C.V., Shen, W., Hanley-Bowdoin, L., and Robertson, D. (2007) Geminivirus-induced gene silencing of the tobacco retinoblastoma-related gene results in cell death and altered development. Plant Molecular Biology. (in press, available online).

Smith, C.A., Woloshuk, C.P., Robertson, D., and Payne, G.A. (2007) Silencing of the aflatoxin gene cluster in a diploid strain of Aspergillus flavus is suppressed by ectopic aflR expression. Genetics. (in press).

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Muangsan, N., Beclin, C., Vaucheret, H., Robertson, D. (2004) Geminivirus VIGS of endogenous genes requires SGS2/SDE1 and SGS3 and defines a new branch in the genetic pathway for silencing in plants. Plant J. 38: 1004-1014.

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Persson, S., Wyatt, S.E., Love, J., Thompson, W.F., Robertson, D., Boss, W.F. (2001) The Ca2+ status of the endoplasmic reticulum is altered by induction of calreticulin expression in transgenic plants.  Plant Physiol. 126:1092-104

Egelkrout, E.M., Robertson, D., and Hanley-Bowdoin, L. (2001) PCNA Transcription Is Repressed through an E2F Consensus Element and Activated byGeminivirus Infection in Mature Leaves. Plant Cell 13:1437-1452

Cox, K, Robertson, D., Fites, R.C. (in press) Mapping and Expression of a Bifunctional Thymidylate Synthase, Dihydrofolate Reductase Gene from Maize. Plant Mol. Biol.

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Nagar, S. Pedersen, T., Carrick, K., Hanley-Bowdoin, L. and Robertson, D. (1995) A geminivirus induces expression of a host DNA synthesis protein in terminally differentiated plant cells. The Plant Cell 7: 705-719.

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