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Guidelines for the program

1. Spring semester - register and complete course requirements for PP 540 Tropical Plant Pathology in the spring semester.

2. Students send a 1 page statement of interest to Dr. Jean Ristaino no later than Nov. 15, 2011 on why you want to conduct research in the tropics and be considered for a Global Plant Health Internship.

3. Selected students register with NC State Study Abroad Program by program deadline in spring http://tinyurl.com/studyabroad-costarico

4. Summer Session I – register for PP 495/PP 590 Special Topics in Plant Pathology:  Global Plant Health Interns (3 cr)  via Distance Education (DE). Students are responsible for paying their tuition. http://distance.ncsu.edu/courses/first-summer/PP.php

5. Students select an NC State and Costa Rican mentor and decide on a research project.  Students will be involved in developing their research plans and modifying them as the project proceeds.   Each year up to six students can participate as Global Plant Health Interns.  Here is a list and email addresses of current NCSU faculty member who have agreed to serve as mentors. 

Dr. Jean Ristaino   jean_Ristaino@ncsu.edu
Margo Daub margo_daub@ncsu.edu
Rick Davis   rick@ncsu.edu
William Hoffman   william_hoffmann@ncsu.edu
 Kelly Ivors    kelly_ivors@ncsu.edu
James Moyer   james_moyer@ncsu.edu
Peter Ojambo  peter_ojiambo@ncsu.edu
David Ritchie    david_ritchie@ncsu.edu
Turner Sutton  turner_sutton@ncsu.edu


6. Conduct summer research with mentor in Costa Rica.  Accommodations, meals and airline ticket covered by the NSF IRES grant.  No salary will be paid to students. 

7. Complete course requirements for PP 495/PP590 3 credit – (see course requirements)

8. Fall semester -  register for  PP 495/PP 590 Global Plant Health Special Problems (2 cr)  to complete research

9. Optional but encouraged:  Students present their work at the undergraduate research symposium in summer or spring and /or our master’s symposium in Plant Pathology