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Tropical Plant Pathology

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Tropical Plant Pathology Class of 2008

Course description
Class introduces students to agriculture in the tropics and diseases on tropical crops including cacao, banana, potato, root vegetables and coffee will be given.  Trade issues relevant to US and Central American farmers are discussed.  A week-long study abroad trip to Costa Rica is included and tours of coffee, banana, pineapple, tropical fruit, cacao and vegetable farms in the country are planned.  Students learn conversational travel Spanish.  Students will learn about the diseases, social and political issues facing farmers in the developing world. You must complete PP 540 Tropical Plant Pathology to be considered for a summer internship program.  Estimated cost of the study abroad trip is $1800 and travel scholarships up to $500 per student will be awarded.

Course syllabus 

UCR Students 2007at Dole Research Rio FrioDow AgriScience Team

Fig. A Dr. Roberto Valverde (center left) and Dr. Luis Gomez (center right) and two students from UCR in March 2007; Fig. B Dr. Miquel Munoz, Dr. Gregorio Leandro and Dr. Jean Ristaino at Dole Research in Rio Frio, Costa Rica in March 2008; Fig. C Dow AgriSciences team, March 2007.  Herman Hildago (far right);