The Long Laboratory


The ability to respond to fluctuations in nutritional availability is critical for all living cells. Multicellular organisms can respond to such challenges by altering a number of physiological, developmental and molecular processes that are often controlled at the level of transcription. While conventional molecular biology and physiological approaches have revealed the importance of genes involved in nutrient uptake and transport, few transcriptional regulators have been identified that coordinate organismal responses to nutrient availability. Our research efforts  focuses on the following questions: What transcription factors regulate response to iron deprivation in plants? How do these transcription factors interact with each other and other proteins to regulate gene expression? Is there a protein complex that acts as an iron sensing mechanism in plant roots? Since plant iron transporters translocate other metals nonspecifically, studying this mechanism will further inform us about homeostasis of other metals. Moreover, the protein-protein interactions that we examine could shed new light on iron sensing and response mechanisms conserved across diverse species.

Microarray data images