Wake Forest University, Winston‑Salem, North Carolina
B.S. in Chemistry ‑ 1968
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
M.S. in Organic Chemistry ‑ 1970
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
Ph.D. in Plant Physiology ‑ 1977





External Advisory Committee for Kansas State University Functional Genomics Consortium 2008
External Advisory Committee for Medical University of South Carolina NIH COBRE in Lipidomics and Pathobiology 2002- present.
Board of Trustees Am Soc. Plant Biologists (2000-2003); Head of Board 2002-2003
Member of Board of Governors for American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology (2001-2004)
Member of Board of Governors for University of North Carolina Press (2001-2006)
Executive Committee Am Soc. Plant Physiologists-one of three elected members-at-large (1995-1998)

Associate Editor: Plant Physiology 1991-1992

Editorial Board: Plant Physiology (1988-1991) and Protoplasma (1989 to 1994).
Routinely review manuscripts for Plant Physiology, The Plant Journal, The Plant Cell and Physiologica Plantarum
Initiated the Plant Signal Transduction News Bulletin and Plant Signal Transduction Listserver-The biyearly bulletin was established in 1991 to encourage and facilitate communication among plant scientists interested in signal transduction. There were over 400 participants. The Bulletin included commentary, technical notes, laboratory news updates, and a list of recent publications of the participants.  With assistance from the NCSU Computer Center, we put the Plant Signal Transduction News Bulletin online as the PST listserver.

Initiated a program through the American Society of Plant Physiologists to fund workshops in countries with emerging research programs. Three workshops have been supported: one in Argentina organized by Hector Flores (1998); one in China organized by Xuemin Wang (1999); one in Greece by Kriton Hatzios. (1999)

Meetings Organized
International conference on Plant Lipid-Mediated Signaling: Building Connections, Raleigh NC, 2005 (Co-organized with Glenda Gillaspy, Imara Perera, Xuemin Wang and Marianne Sommarin)
Annual symposium on Calcium, Signaling and Gravitational Biology for the NCSU-NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training (1996-2000).
Summer outreach workshops for middle and high school teachers as part of the NCSU the NCSU-NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training (1996-1999) (co-organized with NSCORT group).
The 25th Annual Southeastern Regional Lipid Conference held in Cashiers, N.C. (October, 1990).
The First International Workshop on Second Messengers and Phosphoinositides in Plants held at Purdue Univ. April 1988 (Co‑organized with Dr. D. James Morré).

Visiting Faculty who came to study inositol lipid metabolism:
     Dr. Fatma Elshitinawy from Tanta University, Egypt (June 1 2009- August 31, 2009)
Dr. Mustapha Haidar, Fulbright Scholar, American University, Beirut, Lebanon (August 2002-Jully 2003)
Dr. Teresa Hernandez, C.I.C.Y., Merida, Mexico (July- September, 2000)
Dr. Dia Galanopoulou, University of Athens, Greece (March to November, 1994; Feb-Aug. 2002)
Dr. Ed Tucker, Baruch College, CUNY, New York (January to August 1994)
Dr. Kazuhito Kawakita, Nagoya University, Japan (Nov. & Dec., 1992)
Dr. Amihud Borochov, Hebrew University, Israel (July, 1991-January, 1992)
Dr. Mary Jo Vesper, University of Dayton, Ohio (January 1991 one week)

Invited to be an opponent for the PhD thesis in Lund Sweden 2009.
Fellow of the American Society of Plant Biologist 2007
Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science 2002
William Neal Reynolds Professorship, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, NC State Univ. 2001
Received the first annual outstanding faculty teaching award from Botany Department graduate students. 1982.
Burris Distinguished Lecturer in Plant Biochemistry, South Dakota State University. 1992.
Invited to be an opponent for Ph.D. thesis University of Göteborg, Sweden, 1995.
Merck Lecturer at Williams College, MA 1999.