Plant Biotechnology Resources

The following websites and resources are for high school teachers and anyone interested in learning more about plant biotechnology.


The International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-science Applications (ISAAA) has a series of brochures covering many aspects of plant biotechnology that are meant for a lay audience.


National Geographic-sponsored blog by Pam Ronald, Professor at UC Davis. She co-authored Tomorrow's Table, Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food with her husband, who is an organic farmer.


Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)'s world food price index (FAO is a branch of the UN). Food prices were relatively stable until ~2007. Recent increases in the price of food have led to political unrest and suggest that improving agriculture should be more of a priority.


The Council of Biotechnology Organizations has a slick website that presents the corporate point of view at Why Biotech?


National Public Radio's Science Friday interviews three people - one from industry, one from a university and one from an anti-biotech organization in Can biotechnology feed the world?


This article (Best-Kept Secret) is full of misinformation but has the appearance of being well researched. An article published in a well-respected scientific journal (Nature Biotechnology) exposes some of its fallacies. Niki Robertson has written a point by point rebuttal of the article.

This article is by Ingo Potrykus, one of the creators of Golden Rice. He asserts that anti-GMO activism is in part responsible for onerous regulations that have prevented the approval of Golden Rice and therefore increased the number of people who are blind as a result of vitamin A deficiency.

Transgenic plants: Risks, Concerns and Effects on Ecosystem and Human Health directly addresses some of the concerns raised by anti-GMO activists.

This interview with Rebecca Goldburg raises what I think are valid concerns about plant biotechnology.


GFP Photos





GFP seedlings under UV illumination and white light.