Jyoti starts experiment

At Fred A. Olds Elementary School

Third graders learn about DNA from Plant Biology Graduate Students Fatima Alejos-Gonzales, Goden Zeng, Michelle Kim, Jyoti Dalal and Cat Beck (not pictured here).

"We asked the kids what they thought DNA was and then explained to them what DNA really was: how it is present in all living things."

Attentive Students

Some of the answers:

"DNA is a disease"

"Only criminals have DNA" (somebody has been watching too much CSI!!)


Kat Beck oversees kids


DNA Isolation from strawberries

"In order to learn about DNA through experimentation. The kids were given a ziplock bag and a strawberry each. They were asked to squish the strawberries to a fine mulch."

Following instructions

The Isolation process

"We gave them a prepared DNA isolation buffer which they wer to pour into the ziplock bag and mix with the mashed strawberries. Their mixture was filtered through coffee filters into a beaker. Then they were given a tube in which some of the filtered strawberry and buffer was poured."

Fatima explains the process

Getting the results

"We put some isopropanol in each of their tubes and they could see DNA floating in the tube as a white, fiber-like material"

Budding Scientist

Exciting results!!

"The kids could really see the strawberry DNA in their test tubes."

Experiment is a sucess!

Budding Scientists

Everybody was able to perform the DNA isolation. Could a future genetist be among this group?

Never too early to encourage girls to science

Encouraging girls to be scientists


Not all scientists or Plant Biologists are men. Many breakthroughs in scientific research have been made by female researchers. It is never too early to plant the seeds!

Proud young scientists!

Proud of their results!


Just goes to show that hard work pays off in the end!

Young scientific collegues

Future Science Colleagues?


Teaching the value of having an inquisitive mind.

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