Plant Fossils

W. Scott and Mary Dell Chilton Undergraduate Research Award

The Plant and Microbial Biology Department is proud to offer a call for applications for the W. Scott and Mary Dell Chilton Undergraduate Research Award. The application deadline is Monday April 27, 2015. The award recipient will be announced at the Ice Cream Social on Tuesday, May 5.


  • Students must be rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors with an interest in becoming involved in research with a faculty member in Plant and Microbial Biology.
  • Students must secure the consent of a faculty member in Plant and Microbial Biology to be their sponsor.
  • Students can be majors in any department in any college.


  • Funds of up to $1500 will be furnished by the Chilton Undergraduate Research Foundation
  • The award may be made for any two consecutive semesters, including summer semester.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, awards may be renewed for a second year, however awardees must reapply each year.
  • The award may be divided among more than one recipient.

How and when to apply

  • Prospective students should contact a faculty member to discuss a possible project.
  • Once the student has enough information to write a short proposal on the proposed research, they should fill out the Chilton Undergraduate Research Award Application Form and, with the faculty member, the Faculty Sponsor Form. Both of these forms are also available from the Plant Biology Department Office, 2115 Gardner Hall. Submit the completed forms by April 27, 2015 to Dr. Chad Jordan, Chair, Plant Biology Awards Committee, Box 7612 NCSU, or drop them off at 2115 Gardner Hall.

  • Notifications

    • Interviews for selected candidates will be scheduled for late April and a recipient(s) will be announced on Tuesday May 5, 2015 at 3:45, at the Plant and Microbial Biology Spring Ice Cream Social.