College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department of Plant Pathology

Departmental Slide Collection

Before the digital age, departmental faculty and staff, with the assistance of Marvin Williams, compiled an extensive collection of photographs of plant pathogen symptoms and signs, photomicroscopy of plant pathogens, field shots and other miscellaneous images relating to departmental activities. These 2x2 slides have now been scanned and are available for current students, faculty and staff in digital format. The high resolution images are stored on a CD collection available in the scanning room (Gardner 1408). A database (.xls file format) of the collection categorizes the images by pathogen, host and common disease name with photographic credits given as they appear on the original slide. To find, for example, all images in this collection of diseases on pansy, simply sort the downloaded database alphabetically by host and scroll to pansy. Thumbnail images that reference the CD-stored image are available in Adobe Acrobat format. The database and the thumbnail .pdfs can be downloaded by clicking on the links to the below.