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Ornamental Workshop on Diseases and Insects
Kanuga Conference Center
Hendersonville, North Carolina

Fact sheets

Plant Fact Sheets: Information on identification and control of ornamental diseases

Plant Management Network Supports the online peer-reviewed journals 'Plant Health Progress' and 'Applied Turfgrass Science'' both sources of information on ornamental and turf diseases and their control.

Penn State - Plant Pathology Fact Sheets   Diseases of herbaceous and woody ornamentals by plant name. Also, fact sheets on specific diseases/pathogens and on specific disease control methods (such as sanitation).  Any chemical control mentioned are kept up to date.

The Ohio State University: PLANTfacts  This search engine maintained at Ohio State is great for looking up university extension fact sheets.

North Carolina State University:Extension   Ornamental disease information notes covering important diseases in the landscape and nursery.

Cornell University: Clinic & Factsheets The Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic at Cornell with factsheets on many ornamental diseases.

Oregon State University      Covers diseases specific to the Pacific Northwest, many photographs.

The Ohio State University---Ohioline    Yard and garden resource.

Texas Plant Disease Handbook     Description of diseases affecting various flowers and shrubs.

University of Florida: Extension    All extension publications can be searched from the main page.

Clemson Home & Garden Center    Disease,  insect and weed information sheets for homeowners.

The Virtual Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory   Purdue University.  Information on diseases, insects, and weeds in Indiana.

Powdery mildew resistant lilacs A list of species and cultivars found free of powdery mildew in upstate New York (1977)

 Disease control recommendations

Penn State - Plant Pathology Fact Sheets   Diseases of herbaceous and woody ornamentals by plant name. Also, fact sheets on specific diseases/pathogens and on specific disease control methods (such as sanitation).  Any chemical control mentioned are kept up to date

Oregon State University    Plant disease control for the Pacific Northwest.

North Carolina State University    North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual -- Includes ornamentals

Pesticide labels online

CDMS    Ag Chem Database. Organized by company.  Need to know product  name for effective searching.

Greenbook   Label and MSDS for some ornamental pesticides

Ornamental diseases by pathogen group

SBML fungal databases      USDA ARS Systematic botany and mycology laboratory.  A one-stop resource for systematics of fungi and fungal-host reports in the USA. The 'red book' (Fungi on Plants and Plant Products in the United States) and more.

CABI Biosciences Databases    CABI Bioscience (incorporating IMI) maintain a number of internationally important databases. Here you can search, on-line, the world database of names (Funindex). This is a database of over 345,000 names of fungi at species level and below derived from a number of published lists including Saccardo's Sylloge Fungorum (contributed by SBML, USDA), Petrak's Lists, Saccardo's Omissions, Lamb's Index, Zahlbruckner's Catalogue of Lichens (names at species level only) and CABI's Index of Fungi.

North American Fungi publishes original, peer-reviewed articles on Fungi (Chytrids, Zygomycetes, lichenized and non-lichenized Ascomycetes, and Basidiomycetes) as well as other organisms traditionally studied by mycologists, such as Oomycetes and slime molds.

The WWW Virtual Library: Mycology       Internet resources of interest to mycologists (biologists who study fungi).

Tom Volk's fungi  Illustrations of fungi and neat stuff about mycology.

University of Maine   Forest pathology web site.

Plant Viruses Online      Descriptions and Lists from the VIDE Database.


Recycled water and plant disease Oklahoma State University.    Disease management for nurseries using recycling irrigation systems, with sections on capturing and recycling irrigation runoff, managing disease in recycling irrigation systems, and monitoring for Phytophthora spp. in irrigation water.

National IPM Network    Wealth of information on IPM, includes links to regional IPM programs.

CICP/IPPC/National IPM Network   Database of IPM Resources (DIR) is an information retrieval/referral system and a compendium of customized directories of worldwide IPM information resources accessible through the Internet. With DIR, one can quickly find the way to thousands of IPM information sites.  The DIR presents these web resources in a logical, structured, and searchable way that greatly reduces the frustration and disappointment often encountered when using general search engines on the web.  The DIR covers a wide array of crops, pests, control tactics, regions, organizations, and related topics in a user-friendly format.

Digital Nursery Workshop    A guide to using the Internet in general and web sites for information on diseases, weeds, and insects.

USDA Plants database       Here is the USDA plants homepage, good for referencing common/ Latin names.

Botanical Gardens and Arboreta      This site is a nice listing of botanical gardens and arboreta, plus taxonomy sites.

Tree of Life project   University of Arizona's Tree of Life project on phylogeny and biodiversity of all life forms.

Regulatory or government information sites

Calif. Oak Mortality Task Force Extensive information on Sudden Oak Death caused by Phytophthora ramorum. Monthly updates, host descriptions and links to nursery guides for Oregon and California.

APHIS P. ramorum USDA APHIS PPQ Plant Detection and Management Programs. Complete regulatory information on Phytophthora ramorum including host and associated host list, national survey plan, confirmed nursery protocol, sampling protocols and more....

CSREES homepage     This site hosts the following information about the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES): program description, organizational table, budget, legislative and civil rights information, and a personnel locator with phone/fax numbers, and e-mail addresses. Links are provided for easy navigation to additional facts about CSREES.

 National Plant Board    The plant board system of the United States.

AGRICOLA  National Agricultural Library (NAL)    AGRICOLA is an online journal reference service of the National Agricultural Library.

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