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Project Reports
Includes all the research reports from on-farm trials, county-led research projects,
workshop attendance and other research related educational activities.

Horticulture Information Leaflets - Commerical
Crop production guides for commerical growers

Horticulture Information Leaflets - Consumer
Gardening and crop production guides for homeowners.

Marketing Surveys

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Estimated Costs and Returns of Producing, Harvesting and Marketing Blackberries in the Southeast United States Research Report 2003
Blackberry Project On-Farm Trial 2003
Blackberry Cultivar Trial Research Report 2002


Evaluation of Highbush-Type Blueberry Seedling Progenies for Mineral Soil Adaptation in the Piedmont of NC Research Report 2003
Off-Season Production of Blueberries Research Report 2002


Early Fall Harvest Of Raspberries Using Rowcovers On-Farm Trial 2004
Raspberry Variety Trials On-Farm Trial 2004


Trellis / Cultural Studies for Brambles Research Report 2003


Everbearing Strawberry Evaluation On-Farm Trial 2003

Table Grapes

Seedless Table Grape Cultivar Trial On-Farm Trial 2005-2009

Wine Grapes

French-American Hybrid Wine Grape Trials at the Upper Mountain Research Station Research Report 2004


Evaluating Commercial Standard, Newly Released and Pending North Carolina Peach Cultivars for Commercial Use in Western NC Research Report 2004
Piedmont Peach Production On-Farm Trial 2004
Evaluating Commercial Standard, Newly Released and Pending NC Peach Cultivars for Commercial Use in Western NC Research Report 2003
Evaluating NCSU Bred Peach Varieties for Commercial Use in Western NC Research Report 2002


2005 Melon Evaluations: Horticultural Research Series No. 163 General Report 2005
Honey Dew Survey Marketing Survey 2004
Screening and Advancing New Specialty Melons for Market Potential On-Farm Trial 2004
Specialty Melon On-Farm Observation On-Farm Trial 2003
Specialty Melon Trial On-Farm Trial 2003
Screening and Advancing New Specialty Melons for Market Potential Research Report 2003
Screening & Advancing New Specialty Melons for Market Potential Research, Education & Production Research Report 2003
Development and Marketing of Watermelon Cultivars with New Flesh Colors Research Report 2002

Currants and Gooseberries

NC Regulations on Currants and Gooseberries Announcement 2006


Information about Figs List of links 2006


Publication Type Date
Unusual New Fresh-Market Crops Research Report 2002
Heirloom and Specialty Vegetable Production for Local Sales Research Report 2002
Specialty Crops Survey for Western North Carolina Marketing Survey 2002


Evaluating New Lines of Grape Tomatoes
Research Report 2003
Grape Tomato Survey Marketing Survey 2003
Heirloom Tomato Marketing Marketing Survey 2003
Developing Value-Added Practices and Branding for High-Sugar Tomatoes Research Report 2002
Grape Tomato Variety Evaluation Research Report 2002


Development of Specialty-type Potatoes for Eastern NC Research Report 2004
Specialty Potato Trial On-Farm Trial 2004
Identifying Specialty-type Sweet Potato Cultivars Adapted to NC Growing Conditions Research Report 2004
Identifying Boniato-type Sweetpotato Cultivars Adapted to NC Growing Conditions
Research Report 2003
Development of Specialty-Type Potatoes for Eastern NC Research Report 2003
Identifying Boniato-type Sweetpotato Cultivars Adapted to North Carolina Growing Conditions Research Report 2002



NC Romaine and Head Lettuce History and Opportunities

General Report 2006
Lettuce Production Powerpoint Presentation 2006
Head Lettuce and Romaine Variety Adaptation to Eastern NC Research Report 2003
Leaf Lettuce Variety and Adaptation for WNC On-Farm Trial 2002
Consumer Preference for Coleslaw Marketing Survey 2002
Super Sweet Cabbage Variety Evaluation Research Report 2002


Specialty Hard Squash: Delicacies We Can Grow in the South Powerpoint Presentation 2006


Devil's Tongue Pepper Research and On-farm Demonstration Research Report 2002


Mushroom Survey Marketing Survey 2002


Red Sweet Corn Survey Marketing Survey 2002

Nursery Crops

Publication Type Date
Dune & Estuary Plant Production On-Farm Trial 2004
Introducing ‘Shiloh Splash’ River BirchPPAF (Betula nigra ‘Shiloh Splash’) On-Farm Trial 2004
Propagating Native Rhododendron and Azalea from Seed in Watauga County On-Farm Trial 2004
Native Plant Propagation Trial On-Farm Trial 2004
Domesticating Galax Research Report 2003
Commercial Vegetative Production of Fraser Fir Seedlings in Avery County On-Farm Trial 2003
Evaluation, Production and Marketing of 'Venus' SweetshrubPPAF Research Report 2003
Dune & Estuary Plant Production Research Report 2003
Production and Introduction of 'Summer Cascade' River Birch Research Report 2002
Sea Oats Research, Education, & Production
Research Report 2002
Domesticating Galax Research Report 2002

Herbs/ Woodland Botanicals

Publication Type Date
Suitability of Oregano as a Commercial Culinary Herb Crop On-Farm Trial 2004
Suitability of Mint as a Commercial Culinary Herb Crop On-Farm Trial 2004
Suitability of French Tarragon as a commercial culinary herb crop On-Farm Trial 2004
Bloodroot Cultivation Research Report 2004
Developing a Commercial Production System for Ramps Research Report 2004
New Medicinal Herbs for Eastern N.C.
Research Report 2003
Growth & Yield of Six Medicinal Herbs in Reponse to Mulch Type Research Report 2003
Commercialization of Medicinal Herb Production in NC Research Report 2002
Feasibility of Producing the Oil Crops: Borage and Evening Primrose Research Report 2002
Development of Medicinal Crop Analysis, Propagation, and Production Methods Research Report 2002
Native Medicinal Plant On-Farm Trials On-Farm Trial 2002
Growing Wasabi in Western North Carolina Research Report 2002

Cut Flowers

Publication Type Date
Systems Exploration for Specialty Crops On-Farm Trial 2004
Cut flowers in Rockingham County On-Farm Trial 2004
Alternative Crops: Growing Asiatic Lilies
In Crates In A Hoop House
On-Farm Trial 2004

Extending the Sales Season of Cut Flowers Using Refrigerated Storage

On-Farm Trial 2004
Introducing Sunflowers to Transylvania County On-Farm Trial 2002
Investigations into the Feasibility of Cut Flowers as a Crop
On-Farm Trial 2002


Publication Type Date
Organic Agriculture Weed Control Project On-Farm Trial 2003


Publication Type Date
Creating a Crop Maze with GPS   2004
Crop Maze Research
Research Report 2002

Educational/ Workshops/ Events

Publication Type Date
Successful Business Planning Workshop for Specialty Crops and Small Green Industry Business Event Report 2004
Workshop & Tour for Season Extension Techniques in Mitchell County Event Report 2004
Organic Certification Workshop Event Report 2004
Field Trip to Green and Growin’ Show Event Report 2004
Visit to Eastern Shore Virginia Experiment Station Event Report 2004
Tours of Greenhouses Specialty Crop Production in Wilson County Event Report 2004
Medicinal Herbs for Commerce Field Day   2004
Franklin County 2nd Annual Farm, Foods and Crafts Tour   2004
Alternative Agiculture Oportunities Workshop Event Report 2003
Northeast Ag Expo Featuring Alternative and Specialty Crops, Including Specialty Melons Event Report 2003
Specialty Crops Program Farm Tour to Virginia Event Report 2003
Agritourism & Natural Resource Tour & Resource Development
Event Report 2003


Publication Type Date
Development of Value-Added Products from Cotton Stalks and Waste Research Report 2003
Seed Germination and Greenhouse Production of Seabeach Amaranth (Amaranthus pumilus Raf.) Research Report 2003

General Specialty Crops/Value Added/Misc.

Publication Type Date

What are the Best Varieties of Pumpkin to Use for Cooking and Making Pie?

General Report 2006
Sweet Sorghum for Syrup in the Mountains On-Farm Trial 2004
Introduction of Specialty Farm Crops in Union County On-Farm Trial 2004
Solvent Extraction and Composition Analysis of Capsaicin from Different Parts of Habanero Peppers (Capsicum Chinese) For Application in Food Processing On-Farm Trial 2004
Marketing Systems Exploration for Specialty Crops On-Farm Trial 2004
Investigations into the Feasibility of Pyrethrum as a New Industrial Crop for NC Research Report 2002

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