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Notebook Introduction

How to Use This Notebook Website
Swine Farming Zonin
g-Economic Considerations
Number of Hogs and Cash Receipts in NC Per County For 1996

Introduction to Zoning


North Carolina Senate and House Bills/Attorney General Advisory Opinions Regarding Senate and House Bills

North Carolina Senate and House Bills Summary

House Bill 1160
House Bill 1480
House Bill 515
Attorney General Advisory Opinion 328; Moratorium on Construction or Expansion of Swine Farms
Attorney General Advisory Opinion 329; Application of New Setbacks under the Swine Farm Siting Act
Senate Bill 1217
Attorney General Advisory Opinion 305; Agricultural Cost-Share Program, N.C.G.S. 143-215.74
Senate Bill 1080
Attorney General Advisory Opinion 242; Meaning and Applicability of the Swine Farm Siting Act


North Carolina General Statutes

North Carolina General Statutes Summary


N.C. GEN. STAT. 153A-121 et. seq. Delegation and Exercise of the General Police Power
N.C. GEN. STAT. 153A-320 et. seq. Planning and Regulation of Development


Counties and Cities
N.C. GEN. STAT. 1-54.1 Statute of Limitations for Challenging a Zoning Ordinance or Amendment to a
Zoning Ordinance for Counties and Municipalities


N.C. GEN. STAT. 160A-58.4 Extraterritorial Powers
G.S. 160A-174 et. seq. Delegation and Exercise of the General Police Power
G.S. 160A-360 et. seq. Planning and Regulation of Development


Health Law
G.S. 130A-35 et. seq. County Board of Health; District Health Department; Health Director, Powers of Health Director
G.S. 130A-17 et. seq. Powers of Health Director


N.C. GEN. STAT. 106-700 to 701 Nuisance Liability of Agricultural and Forestry Operations/Right-To-Farm
N.C. GEN. STAT. 7A-38.3 Prelitigation Mediation of Farm Nuisance Disputes
N.C. GEN. STAT. 106-735 to 744 Farmland Preservation Enabling Act


North Carolina Administrative Code

North Carolina Administrative Code Summary


Pollution Control
N.C.A.C. T15A-C2-S2H.0201 et. seq. Rules for Wastes Note Discharged to Surface Waters
N.C.A.C. T15A-C6-S6F.0001 et. seq. Procedures and Guidelines for Implementation of the Non-Discharge Rule for Animal Waste Management Systems           


North Carolina County Ordinances and Related Materials

North Carolina County Ordinances and Related Materials Summary



North Carolina Court Cases

Zoning/Health Ordinances


Georgia Statutes

Georgia Statutes Summary


GA. CONST. art. IX, 2, para. 4 Georgia Constitution:  Authority for County and Municipal Planning and Zoning
GA. CODE  36-66-1 to 5 Zoning Procedures
GA. CODE  50-8-1 et. seq. The Georgia Planning Act of 1989
GA. CODE  12-2-8 Rules for Environmental Planning Criteria Must Be Incorporated in Minimum Planning Standards and Procedures
GA. CODE  36-67-1 to 36-67-6 County and Municipal Zoning for Larger Populations
GA. CODE  41-1-7 Right-To-Farm


Iowa Statutes

Iowa Statutes Summary


IOWA CODE 335.1 et. seq. County Zoning
IOWA CODE 414.3 et. seq. City Zoning
IOWA CODE 352.1 to .13 Right-To-Farm:  County Land Preservation and Use Commissions
IOWA CODE 657.1 et. seq. Right-To-Farm:  Animal Feeding Operations
IOWA CODE 455B.161 Definition of Animal Feeding Operations
IOWA CODE 172D.1 to .4 Right-To-Farm:  Livestock Feedlots
IOWA CODE 654C.1 to .5 Farm Mediation:  Animal Feeding Operation Structures


Iowa Court Cases



Maryland Statutes

Maryland Statutes Summary


MD. ANN. CODE, art. 23A, 2 Ordinance Making Power For Municipalities
MD. ANN. CODE,   art. 25A, 5 Ordinance Making Power for Chartered Counties
MD. ANN. CODE, art. 66B, 4.01 et. seq. Zoning and Planning for All Counties and Municipalities
MD. ANN. CODE, art. 28, 7-105 et. seq. Zoning and Planning for Montgomery and Prince George's County
MD. ANN. CODE, Courts and Judicial Proceedings, 5-403 Right-To-Farm


Minnesota Statutes and Rules

Minnesota Statutes and Rules Summary


MINN. STAT., ch. 394, 394.21 et. seq. County Zoning
MINN. STAT., ch.   366, 366.10 et. seq. Town Zoning
MINN. R., ch. 6120, 6120.3100 et. seq. Shoreland and Floodplain Management
MINN. STAT., ch. 561, 561.19 Right-To-Farm


South Carolina Statutes

South Carolina Statutes Summary


S.C. CODE  6-7-310 et. seq. Zoning and Planning Power for Local Governments
S.C. CODE 4-27-10 et. seq. County Planning
S.C. CODE 5-23-10 et. seq. City Planning
S.C. CODE 6-29-310 et. seq. South Carolina Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Enabling Act of 1994


Virginia Statutes

Virginia Statutes Summary


VA. CODE 15.2-2200 et. seq. Planning and Zoning
VA. CODE 15.2-3209 Consider Impacts on Agriculture During Annexation
VA. CODE 15.2-4300 to 4314 Agricultural and Forestal Districts Act
VA. CODE 15.2-4400 to 4407 Local Agricultural and Forestal Districts Act
VA. CODE 3.1-22.28 to .29 Right-To-Farm Act


Information Resources

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Other URLs for North Carolina






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